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Why Majestic Gardens Is the Perfect Community to Build Your First Home

First-time home buyers have numerous concerns weighing on their decision of where to settle down: their budget, lifestyle and personal preferences, future family plans, and a desire to find a place that provides a strong sense of community.

With all these important factors to consider, the process of building or buying a new home can seem daunting. However, as one of the up-and-coming suburbs in the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area, Frisco, TX, is a worthwhile candidate for your prospective new home. Cambridge Homes’s Majestic Gardens community in particular makes the process of acquiring a move-in ready home convenient, simple and stress-free while ensuring you are set up well for the future.


What Does Majestic Gardens Have to Offer?

Majestic Gardens, located on the Southeast corner of Teel Parkway and Main Street, provides residents with the welcoming sense of being part of a master community while maintaining convenient access to the establishments where they work, shop, and play. Whether your top priority is finding luxury homes in Frisco, TX, that are the perfect fit for your family’s needs or living in a small city replete with attractive amenities and essentials, here is why Majestic Gardens should be on your short list.

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A Lower Home Build Cost

Most first-time home owners are building on a budget. Yet if you plan to settle down for a while, you want to find quality new homes in Frisco, TX, that can stand the test of time and provide you with comfortable living for many years to come. When you build a home in Majestic Gardens, you have a choice between several different floor plans to fit your family’s lifestyle, budget, and future plans. These homes – with features that can be personalized to your preferences – are built on 45-foot lots within this immaculate community. However, because you are paying for just a new home and not access to additional community buildings and amenities on top of that, the homes are several thousand dollars cheaper than those built in nearby neighborhoods, which is a plus for when you’re building your first home.


Lower Recurring HOA Fees

Homeowners Association (HOA) fees are a common recurring cost of living in a gated community, but the value HOAs provide homeowners in Frisco, TX, are numerous. They sometimes provide certain services and utilities not offered by the city, enforce maintenance standards, and help stabilize and even increase property values. In areas with HOAs, the houses tend to be more aesthetically pleasing and you can find a stronger sense of community. Majestic Gardens is overseen by an HOA, but the HOA fees are significantly lower than those associated with other communities in Frisco.


Reasonable Tax Rates

Taxes are another factor to consider when deciding on a locality for building a new home. In Texas, property tax rates vary based on the county and school district in which you reside, as Frisco is partially in Collin County and partially in Denton County. As is commonly the case, they are “ad valorem,” or based on the 100% assessed value of a property. To help you calculate your tax rate, it is helpful to know the Majestic Gardens community sits in Denton County and is serviced by the Frisco Independent School District. As for the local sales tax rate in Frisco, it is comparable to other metro area suburbs located near large cities. You can find out the current sales and property rates by contacting the city.


Easy Commute to Dallas/Fort Worth

Frisco is part of the greater Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, which is advantageous for those who want to be close to big cities while still retaining the benefits of being part of a close-knit community. While being in the suburbs can offer you a slightly quieter lifestyle, many people have jobs in one of the larger cities or enjoy being close to an airport and other urban amenities. Dallas is only 28.5 miles away from Frisco via the Dallas North Tollway. Fort Worth is approximately 47.1 miles away via TX-121 South, which is an easy distance to travel if you commute daily for work.

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Close to Local Establishments

Although Majestic Gardens is nestled in an enclave that grants homeowners peace, quiet and security, you also are not isolated. The local Frisco Family YMCA is within walking or biking distance, as are a couple churches, a private school, urgent care, and Teel Crossing Shopping Center. The community is also a short drive from Frisco’s dynamic downtown area – including Frisco Square – where you can enjoy numerous attractions, including shops, restaurants, museums, galleries, and parks. There are plenty of fun things for both individuals and families to do in downtown Frisco, TX, every day of the week.


Part of a Reputable School District

Frisco has been frequently recognized as one of the best places for young people to live, learn and grow, and education plays a big part in that. Many families in Majestic Gardens rely on the Frisco ISD for their children’s education, as it has a noteworthy reputation for high graduation rates, academic excellence, innovative programs, and ample extracurricular opportunities and experiences. The district includes 10 high schools, 17 middle schools, 42 elementary schools, and three special programs schools. Vaughn Elementary School, Pioneer Heritage Middle School, and Frisco High School serve students living in the Majestic Gardens community.


On-Site Amenities

In terms of the essential features you utilize every day, Majestic Gardens has a few key ones that are within easy walking distance of your home within the community: A dog park, a playground with swings, and a walking path. With convenient access to these amenities, you and your loved ones, including children and furry friends, can recreate and enjoy the outdoors as frequently as you would like.


Finding a Move-in Ready Home in Frisco, TX

Frisco, TX, topped Money magazine’s list of the “Best Places to Live 2018” because of the city’s ability to translate its recent substantial growth into a higher quality of life by tackling it in a sustainable and conscientious way. In Frisco, TX, you can find an affordable cost of living while maintaining constant access to the events, attractions, and amenities that make life more enjoyable and convenient. Cambridge Homes’s Majestic Gardens community makes this lifestyle all the more attainable.

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