How to Match Your Floor Plan With Your Lifestyle

It’s easy to see the connection between where you choose to settle down and how that fits in with your particular lifestyle. Your career,  passions, hobbies, and pursuits can collectively make one city or town in Texas more desirable than another.

When building a new home, however, lifestyle can also impact which distinct floor plan is most suitable for you and your family. Even little things, from your family size to your interests and how busy your schedule is, should be taken into consideration so you can buy a new home in Frisco, TX, that supports and augments your chosen lifestyle and desired quality of life.


Lifestyle Elements to Consider

When deliberating about the floor plan for your new home, a good place to start is identifying what you like and dislike about your current living situation. You can also evaluate how your life might change over the next few years and what sort of home most appropriately aligns with your future goals. Using this information, you can find a floor plan in the Prairie View community or another Frisco neighborhood that best matches with your needs and preferences. To help you assess your lifestyle and how to find a floor plan that facilitates it, here are some questions to contemplate:

How large is your family?

One of the main decisions you will make regarding your floor plan is how many bedrooms it will include. You can find floor plans that have anywhere from two to five bedrooms and from two-and-a-half to four-and-a-half bathrooms. 

  • Do you have kids and can they share rooms or do they need separate rooms? 
  • Do you see your family growing? 
  • Do you plan to have frequent visitors who will need a guest room? 

When you think about the future and how your family might evolve, it’s important to not only weigh the potential of additional children but also to think about aging parents or other factors that might influence your family structure. Even if you don’t know what the future holds in five or 10 years, you can still choose a flexible floor plan with rooms that can be easily converted to a different use later down the road.

Do you want multiple levels?

When building a new home or finding a move-in ready house in Frisco, you have the option between one story and two story floorplans. If you have family members with mobility issues or young children, a one-story house may be preferable, although most floorplans do include at least one bedroom on the ground level. On the flip side, having a two-story home allows you to keep common space – along with noise and busyness – downstairs and preserve personal space and privacy on the top floor.

How will the rooms be used?

When reviewing a plan, make sure the rooms you intend to use the most are the right size in proportion to the rest of the home so you're maximizing available space. Master suites often take up a significant portion of the house, which is beneficial if you plan to set up a reading area, work space, or workout equipment in the room. If you tend to use the bedroom only for sleeping, however, it may be advantageous to find a floorplan that has a smaller master suite in exchange for more functional space.

What are your home's surroundings?

Another factor to consider is how your floorplan will fit into your surrounding environment, both logistically and aesthetically. Many homeowners want their house to blend well into the overall look and feel of the neighborhood or community where it’s situated. Depending on your property, you may also want to ensure rooms with windows are facing in the direction with the best views and you are getting natural light in the spaces where you want it.

Do you appreciate open space?

Based on your furniture and decorating preferences, as well as your family’s behaviors, you may enjoy having an open floorplan that offers continuity and flow. If you like developing unique themes and color pallets for each individual space, you may opt for a more traditional floorplan with separate rooms to align with your decorating style.

How often do you relax and recreate at home?

Some people have hectic schedules that rarely allow them time to hang out at home, while others enjoy spending ample time in the comfort of their own space. If you are one of the latter, you may want to choose a home that includes a game room, media room, or study, as various Prairie View floor plans do. These additional rooms provide a designated space within your home for reading, playing games, watching movies, and hanging out with family and friends.

Do you enjoy being outside?

If the answer to this question is “yes,” that can be facilitated with an outdoor living space, in addition to the yard on your property. Several floorplans give you the option of incorporating a porch, a covered patio, or both. Many lots at the Prairie View community in Frisco have spacious backyards that could house an added pool as well. With Frisco’s relatively temperate year-round climate, these provide the ideal place for hosting gatherings, eating meals as a family, or enjoying a cup of coffee and reading in the morning. You can also set up planters to grow flowers or herbs and maintain a continual connection with nature.


Personalizing Your Frisco Home

The floorplan is the starting point from which you can develop the Frisco home you desire. Once you’ve narrowed down the floorplan that best accommodates your lifestyle, Cambridge Homes can help you personalize the house with various color pallets and interior finishes. Additionally, your furniture and décor both play a pivotal role in fashioning a home that is comfortable and supports your family’s unique way of life.

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