Should You Move to Frisco, TX in 2020?

For a state as large and varied as Texas, it’s impossible to pinpoint one single identity with which to associate the area. Between culturally rich cities, coastal towns and rural regions, the state offers current and prospective residents plenty of reasons to live in Texas.

While any person could find a fitting place to live in Texas in 2020, the question is whether there is a place that could fit any person. Numerous factors go into deciding where to make a home: career, family, cost of living, culture, and public amenities. Certain factors may influence your decision more heavily than others, but ultimately you want to settle down in a place that improves the quality of your life and allows you to work, socialize, and become part of the community with ease.

Taking that into consideration, you face lots of questions. The primary question: “Where should I live in Texas?”

According to research from, the best place to settle down – not only to experience Texas living but the best living in the United States – is Frisco, TX.


Best City in Texas to Live

To qualify for ranking in MONEY’s “Best Places to Live 2018,” cities had to have populations of at least 50,000. Cities with less than 85% of the state’s median household income, more than double the national crime rate, and a lack of ethnic diversity were not considered.

Of the remaining 583 places, Frisco, Texas, came out on top based on more than 135,000 data points – including public education, cost of living, diversity, weather, leisure activities, weather, and economic health. Based on MONEY’s findings and other research, here are 10 reasons living in Frisco, TX, is a good choice::

1. Job opportunities

Frisco, located roughly 30 miles north of Dallas, is currently home to about 178,000 residents. According to Moody’s Analytics, jobs in Frisco are projected to grow by nearly 15% over the next few years as companies set up firms and move jobs to a state with affordable housing and a relatively less expensive cost of living. Plano, TX, just south of Frisco, also hosts the headquarters or facilities for numerous large corporations. The economic health in Frisco – and the entire Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex – is an attractive draw for career-minded individuals searching for expanding opportunities.

2. Conscientious growth

Although Frisco continues to experience impressive growth – which is not unique when it comes to cities in Texas – the process has been managed carefully and conscientiously, translating growth into a higher quality of life for residents, according to MONEY. Community partners and city officials have stayed dedicated to making Frisco a place where singles, families, and retirees can comfortably live and have fun in, what with its well-maintained and clean city streets and buildings, consistently themed commercial and retail centers, and beautiful exterior landscaping.

3. Exemplary public education

For years, the Frisco Independent School District (Frisco ISD) has cultivated a reputation of offering exceptional education, a factor that contributes to making the city one of the best places to live in Texas for families. With more than 70 campuses, the district ranks in the 92nd percentile in the state of Texas and it had the highest graduation rate of all the cities and towns MONEY evaluated.

The district benefits from the city’s focus on public-private partnerships that translate into high-level sports, arts, and technology programs. Along with the YMCA and other academic service providers, the Frisco ISD also offers a number of after-school programs, as well as special education for children ages 3 through 21.

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4. Athletic attractions

Since 2016, the Dallas Cowboys have practiced at the Ford Center at The Star – and when they aren’t using the indoor field, the high school teams have access to it for games and practices. Sports enthusiasts can appreciate the fact that Frisco is home to FC Dallas at the Pizza Hut Park, the Frisco Roughriders at the Dr. Pepper Ballpark, and NHL Dallas Stars training facility at Dream Center. There are quality venues to participate in a variety of sports, including baseball, soccer, ice hockey, basketball, cycling, and golf, and the city is big on youth sport opportunities.

5. Free and fun things to do

Families living in Frisco, TX aren’t lacking in things to do. Better yet, there are plenty of activities, events, and recreation opportunities available for little to no cost. Dog owners can take their pets to the Frisco Dog Park, or children can enjoy the summer heat at one of Frisco’s city-managed splash pads, open from mid-May to the end of September. There are parks for picnicking, skating, jogging, and relaxing. Additionally, the city offers numerous museums and galleries, in addition to shopping and dining establishments. There is also public art to view, live music to listen to at venues around town, and trails to bike. That being said, here are fun things to do in Downtown Frisco, and the city's Best Happy Hours.

6. Frisco Square

Frisco Square is an enticing attraction in and of itself. In July, you can be a spectator for live Music in the Square. For the holidays, there is Christmas in the Square. Frisco Square also presents a variety of other holiday and themed events and activities. Meanwhile, you can enjoy shopping, dining and entertainment year-round, with both a parking garage and street parking available.

7. An easy commute

If you work in Dallas, Fort Worth, Plano, or one of the other nearby cities, the commute is relatively easy. Frisco is conveniently located near major freeways, such as the North Texas Dallas Tollway and state highway. Frisco is only about 30 miles from Dallas, 50 miles from Fort Worth, and 23 miles from the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport. Whether you are looking to travel, work, or enjoy additional entertainment and nightlife, you can conveniently escape for a day or night – just one more reason Frisco is one of the best places to live in Texas for singles and other professionals.

8. A welcoming community

Frisco has comparatively low crime rates, making it one of the safest towns compared to nearby Dallas metro areas and the state of Texas in general. The occurrence of violent crime is about 78% lower than the average rate in the state of Texas and approximately 76% lower than the national rate.

As of 2017, the most recent year for which data is available, the unemployment rate in Frisco was 3.2% and the median income was about $93,000, with only about 3% of the population living below the poverty line. There are numerous ways to get involved in the community, from churches and other faith-based institutions to nonprofit service organizations. The city, although growing, maintains a sense of southern hospitality and charm.

9. Retirement opportunities

Frisco offers the best neighborhoods in Texas, not only for its young adult and middle-aged residents but also retirees. With the affordable cost of living in Frisco, reasonable real estate prices, and mild climate, Frisco is an appealing option as a potential retirement spot.

10. Housing options

Frisco is also a draw for new residents because of its master-planned communities and the value you as a homeowner can get for your investment. You can find or build a home to satisfy your needs and preferences in a neighborhood that puts you in close proximity to the city’s best attractions and amenities. Cambridge Homes’s move-in ready homes can make your relocation to Frisco, TX, efficient and easy, while setting you up to enjoy the city’s high standard of living for years to come.

Looking to build a new home in Frisco?

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