The Top 8 Dallas Suburbs to Move to in 2020

Dallas is one of several cities in Texas that is booming in terms of popularity and population. As such, it offers a diverse collection of restaurants, attractions, shopping establishments, arts and culture venues, and outdoor recreation opportunities.

However, for some families, living directly in a bustling metropolis doesn’t quite fit with their lifestyle and desired living situation. For those individuals and families who want to be close enough to the big city to enjoy its plentiful amenities and lively job market without being exposed to the urban chaos day after day are in luck.


Life in the Best Suburbs Near Dallas

Within the region, there are several Dallas suburbs that combine the best features of both environments. These flourishing suburbs put you close enough to Dallas and Fort Worth to benefit from their art scenes, international airport, and other attractions while providing you a more intimate neighborhood where you can cultivate meaningful community connections and find all the public amenities you use on a daily basis.

If you’re looking for the best neighborhoods in Dallas for families, here are six suburbs to consider:

Living in Frisco, TX

Frisco is not only one of the best suburbs near Dallas but was also recently named one of the best places in the nation to settle down, according to MONEY magazine. Located less than 30 miles from Dallas, commuting from the suburb to the city is quick, convenient, and straightforward along the Dallas North Tollway.

An affluent suburb with a population of just over 151,000 residents, Frisco has a highly reputable public school system, in addition to a temperate climate, vibrant downtown, and nearly 50 neighborhood and community park sites featuring walking trails, open fields, and pavilions. Frisco is considered a safe place for families, according to crime statistics from the most recent Uniform Crime Reports. Most residents in Frisco own their home, and you can buy or build a new home in one of several communities, such as Majestic Gardens and Prairie View, that offer exclusive perks while putting you in close proximity to the city’s shopping, museums, parks, and other attractions.

Living in Plano, TX

Adjacent to Frisco, TX, is Plano, another suburb northwest of Dallas that encompasses characteristics similar to its neighbor. Located just over 20 miles from Dallas, Plano has plenty of features that recommend it as one of the best suburbs for families, including a diverse culinary scene, affordable living, and a thriving downtown. The addition of a light rail station from Dallas to Plano in 2002 makes it an appealing suburb for professionals who work in the city but want a less hectic place to live. At the same time, several large corporations are headquartered in the city, resulting in a strong local economy and booming job market.

In 2017, Plano was ranked as one of the top 10 places to retire, yet it also boasts a top-notch public education system, making it a suitable destination for people of all ages to call home. To experience the educational, recreational, and cultural amenities Plano has to offer, you can build a new home in Heritage Creekside or another welcoming Plano community.

Living in Rowlett, TX

Rowlett is an eastern suburb of Dallas – and about 20 miles from the heart of the city – located on Lake Ray Hubbard. With 30 miles of shoreline on the lake and plenty of other green spaces, Rowlett is a natural draw if you enjoy outdoor recreation, such as kayaking, paddle boarding, and canoeing. Rowlett is also home to a brewpub, the Amateur Community Theatre of Rowlett, Rowlett Community Centre on Main Street, and the Wet Zone Waterpark, giving you plenty of opportunities to plug into and enjoy the community. Families living in new homes in Rowlett can also partake in the numerous neighborhood and community events that take place throughout the year.

Living in Coppell, TX

Due to its proximity to the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, Coppell has experienced significant growth over the past few years. Located about 24 miles from Dallas, the suburb is fairly protected from the city’s sprawl, giving you a distinctly close-knit community vibe that is augmented through a combination of block parties, outdoor concerts and other neighborhood events. Coppell also boasts a notable public school system, featuring a high school whose activities frequently excel at the state level.

In terms of both violent crime and property crime rates, Coppell is also a relatively safe place to live compared to other towns of its size. There are dozens of homes for sale in Coppell or the surrounding area, or you can invest in building a new home specifically designed for your family.

Living in Colleyville, TX

Colleyville is nearly 30 miles from Dallas and just over three miles from the DFW International Airport. According to, which bases its figures on FBI violent crime stats and proprietary research, Colleyville is the safest place to live in the state of Texas. The violent crime rate in Colleyville is 21.1, and the chance of being involved in a property crime here is less than 1%.

Colleyville also has a fairly low unemployment rate – about 3.5% – and has experienced positive job growth in the past few years. For families, there is plenty to do in Colleyville, which includes visiting the Colleyville Nature Center or one of the city’s local parks.

Living in Sachse, TX

One of the smaller cities on our list, Sachse is a modest but beautiful rural community with a population of 22,600. Despite it's rural sensibilities, it's just a half hour drive northeast from Dallas, and has good schools with high graduation rates. (Because many Sachse residents commute to Dallas, 30 minutes is also the average commute time.)

Despite being ranked by Area Vibes as one of Texas's 100 best cities to live in, with a livability score of 86, Sachse is deceptively affordable. The median household income is almost $90,000, but the median home price is only $178,000.

Living in McKinney, TX

Area Vibes calls it one of the Top 100 Best Cities in the USA for both livability and housing. This mid-sized city, with a population of 156,800, get high scores across the board for good housing, good weather, and low crime rates (and the crime rates are going down year after year).

This may be why the cost of living is slightly higher than the rest of Texas (about 11% higher), but the locals say it's worth it. With great local schools and amenities, and a short 30-miles north of Dallas, it's easy to see why McKinney is such a lovable Dallas suburb.

Living in Allen, TX

Last but not least is Allen, TX, an affluent city located in a northern suburb of Dallas that has a population closing in on 100,000. Thanks to several state-of-the art facilities – including the $60 million Eagle Stadium, Allen High School Gymnasium, and an expansive baseball/softball stadium – high school athletics are a big part of life in Allen, as well as a source of strong community pride.

According to annual crime data, collected by, the crime rate in Allen is 55% lower than the average for the state of Texas and 51% lower than the national average. For prospective homeowners, there are several neighborhoods in and near Allen to cultivate a fulfilling life.


Building a New Home in a Dallas Suburb

The benefits of living in a Dallas suburb are numerous: A high quality of life, plentiful public attractions and amenities, lower crime rates, and a strong sense of community. By making a home in one of the attractive neighborhoods near the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, you can get plugged into the local community without isolating yourself from the perks of urban life. Cambridge Homes offers a variety of floorplan options and move-in ready homes in communities across several of the best Dallas suburbs for families seeking the highly sought-after value of Texas living.

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